Comics Exhibit Opens at the Louvre

The International Herald Tribune carries an Associated Press report on the Louvre’s exhibit Le Louvre invite la bande dessinée: Le petit dessein, which opened with a reception on Wednesday, January 21. The exhibit of work draws exclusively from comics about the Museum co-produced by the Louvre and Futuropolis, and features pages and sketches from the three so-far published books by Nicolas de Crécy, Eric Liberge, and Marc-Antoine Mathieu as well as pages and sketches from Bernard Yslaire‘s and Hirohiko Araki‘s forthcoming volumes in the series. “We wanted to present this art with the goal of showing its … aesthetic quality,” said curator Fabrice Douar, “but also its quality in the sense of the confrontation between the world of the Louvre and this alternate universe, which is that of comics.”

The BoDoï website carries both installation shots from the exhibit and images of pages and artwork selected for inclusion in the show. The exhibit runs through April 13, 2009.


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