Louvre Comics in the Louvre

From January 22 through April 13, 2009, the Louvre will exhibit comics pages by Nicolas de Crécy, Eric Liberge, Marc-Antoine Mathieu, and Bernard Yslaire, BoDoï reports. All four of these artists have created books on the theme of the Louvre as part of a collaborative publishing project between the Museum and the current iteration of Futuropolis Press. Two of those books, de Crécy’s Glacial Period and Mathieu’s The Museum Vaults, have so far been translated into English and published in the U.S. by NBM.

The exhibit will include pages from all four of the jointly published books, accompanied by preliminary sketches. BoDoï‘s piece notes that the challenge of exhibiting Yslaire’s artwork – which was produced on a computer – will be overcome by including computer monitors in the show.


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