Buhle on Sammy Harkham and Kramers Ergot

On the Jewcy website and under the headline “Sammy Harkham: Genius,” Paul Buhle writes a lengthy appreciation of Sammy Harkham as both cartoonist and editor. Regarding Kramers Ergot, Buhle writes: “Among the things to appreciate is that Harkham is so determined to make his own way and bring out the same impulse in other artists… He’s drawn to those who are drawn to their own genius.” Buhle singles out Harkham’s story “Lubavitch, Ukraine 1876” from Kramers Ergot 6 for particular praise:

Again, the art is very straightforward, so much so that it looks effortless, although it hardly can be that. It achieves its purpose: a real glimpse into shtetl life long gone, without harping on the Holocaust that will come in a couple generations, or how emigrants to the United States will escape that fate with their descendents, in short all the heavy weight that artists of every kind have loaded upon the shtetl especially since Fiddler on the Roof and Shoah (but also long before).

Buhle is the author/editor of several comics related books, including the recently published Jews and American Comics and the forthcoming The Art of Harvey Kurtzman, co-authored with Denis Kitchen.


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