Kramers Ergot 7 Update

Editor Sammy Harkham has posted the cover for Kramers Ergot 7 to the Family blog along with an announcement that the book is at the printer and is due in November.

Harkham previously described the forthcoming issue in an interview with the City Pages:

“You’ve seen that Little Nemo book?” he asks, hands spreading reflexively to encompass the famous, full-page scope of Winsor McKay’s [sic] early-20th-century newspaper strip. “Issue number seven is going to be like that. Big—big—16 by 21! Every artist gets three pages. That’s it. But with that assignment, an artist is going to make work that wouldn’t exist otherwise.”

Amazon’s listing notes that the 96-page book will include work from more than fifty artists and includes the following partial list of contributors: Stéphane Blanquet, Mat Brinkman, Daniel Clowes, Al Columbia, Kim Deitch, C.F., Jaime Hernandez, Anders Nilsen, Paper Rad, Anna Sommer, Joost Swarte, Adrian Tomine, Carol Tyler, and Chris Ware. Kramers Ergot is published by Buenaventura Press.


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